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These short stories are a collection of my experiences while living in Tokyo. I hope people wishing to learn more about Japan and gaijin in japan wishing to compare experiences will find them interesting. I also hope some Japanese people will find a gaijin's perspective interesting reading as well.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Homosexuality in Japan ( 10 )

As I said in my previous post ( 9 ), my experiences with Christian people led me to believe that they could not communicate about `the fun things in life` (ie gambling, sex, alcohol etc.). My Christian classmates in high school and university were not open to hearing other people's ideas and couldn't express opinions which were like experienced non-religious people's opinions. After listening to their ideas, they inevitably tried to gently push me in the direction of their church.

I didn't know it at the time but I started to think that all minority groups had to hold on to their own group's values and were brainwashed into to spreading `the word`, but I learnt that I was wrong.
Like all foreigners in a big city (New York, LA, Sydney, London etc.), I met a lot of gay people during my first few years in Tokyo. At first, I thought gay people would be like the christians I had known. Blend in well in social situations, but be closed minded to other lifestyles. Well, gay people (I shouldn't generalize but I am) are friendly and nice to all new acquaintances, and I found that they are open-minded and speak freely about `the fun things in life` and life in general. I think the conversations of gay people are often logically, and based on universal truths (rather than personal values). I usually find them intelligent, mentally stimualting and interesting to listen to - thanks to the gay people I've worked with in Tokyo.


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